SCYA recognizes 2020 has been a year of extreme challenges for our member clubs and we want to award extraordinary performance! 

The Pandemic Powerhouse Performance Award will recognize one Senior, one Regular, and one Associate Club for excellence in club management during the COVID-19 crisis.

We urge all clubs to participate because the submissions will be archived for posterity and become part of SCYA history.

To apply, you need to send a letter to SCYA detailing what your club did to successfully weather the pandemic.  Attached to this letter is a list of suggested topics to discuss but it is not exhaustive. You know what you did to survive, so SCYA is giving you the opportunity to tell your story!  Pictures are welcome too.  Submissions are due by September 15, 2020.

Our goal is 100% participation so please consider participating and being part of SYCA’s 2020 history.

Questions may be addressed to SCYA Rear Commodore Anne Eubanks at 949-243-5148 or

Wishing you smooth sailing for the rest of the year,

Suggested Topics for Pandemic Powerhouse Performance Award Submissions 

  • How did you engage your club members in the cruising, fishing, racing, predicted logs, social, or RC boats categories?
  • How did you handle youth sailing training?
  • Was your club open for curbside food service and how creative/enticing was it?
  • Did you have a membership campaign during the Pandemic?
  • How many members resigned? How many new applications did you have?
  • How did you handle F & B minimums?
  • How did you handle budget shortfalls if any?
  • Did dues remain steady or were adjustments made?
  • How was staff handled? Did you maintain all staff or just strategic managers?
  • How did you utilize the talents of your Officers and Directors to help steer your club?
  • Did you use this time to make any club improvements?
  • Did you develop a comprehensive reopening plan?
  • What was included in your reopening plan?
  • When did your activities resume especially racing, cruising, and youth sailing?
  • Were you able to take advantage of any of the CARES programs?
  • Any other actions taken by your club to involve its membership in programs, identification, or its community.

Please CLICK HERE for the submission form.


Pandemic Powerhouse Performance Award