nBy Vic Jedlicka, SCYA & DRYC Angler Chair….. vicjed@aol.comnnLast year gave us some of the best fishing of all times in our US Waters. We caught all the pelagic species of fish that normally we must travel way down into Mexico to catch. One of those species was a very unusual treat to catch…the Wahoo! A very small amount was caught last year and I being one of the lucky ones. Will they be back this year and if so what do we know about them?nnwahoojuly2016-300x125Wahoo are members of the Mackerel family. They have small but very strong triangular teeth that are finely serrated and extremely sharp. Handle with extreme caution. It is found around wrecks and reefs where smaller fish that it feeds upon are abundant, but it may also be found far out at sea. It is reputed to be one of the fastest fish in the sea, attaining speeds of 50 mph (80 km) and more. The first scorching run may peel off several hundred yards of line in seconds.nnOccasionally this fish jumps on the strike and often shakes its head violently when hooked in an effort to free itself. Fishing methods include trolling with whole, rigged baits as well as with strip baits or artificial lures. Live bait fishing and kite fishing are productive, but the Wahoo is a relatively scarce species and is usually taken incidentally while fishing for other oceanic species. The Wahoo flesh is finely grained and sweet and is considered excellent eating. They grow incredibly fast and have a short lived life span of 1.8 years to a maximum of 9 years. The IGFA World Record 184 pound Wahoo was caught by a 15 year old girl in 2005 out of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at the Gorda Banks.