Ventura Harbor Shoaling

The Harbor Entrance is experiencing strong currents, shoaling, and breaking waves within the channel.  We anticipate this and next week’s High Surf events will further complicate this problem.  Crossing the entrance is extremely hazardous and should not be attempted.

The Harbor Patrol is working with the National Weather Service and US Coast Guard on a daily basis to determine if safe transit is possible.  Should the conditions calm and depths within the harbor remain stable the temporary restrictions will be lifted.  Crossing without permission is a Federal Offense and can result in civil penalties by the US Coast Guard.

We are working with the US Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, and Manson Dredge to try to expedite dredging of the Harbor.  The Dredge is scheduled to arrive in the next couple of weeks if the weather and shoaling cooperate.   Once dredging begins the hazard should be quickly removed.

US Coast Guard Sector Los Angles:  1-800-221-8724

Ventura Harbor Patrol:                       1-805-642-8618

January 2016 – Ventura Harbor Patrol Closes Harbor