Here is SCYA’s cruising calendar input form for the SCYA listing of cruises for our member clubs. The purpose of this is threefold.

  1. To promote our member clubs’ boating activities. This is to show off the level of involvement of each club’s cruising commitment.
  2. To show potential openings for reciprocal cruises “inbound” during other club’s “outbound” dates. The calendar will show a club’s availability to offer slips to reciprocal clubs during times they are cruising out.
  3. To show potential dates for “buddy cruises” to rent island facilities and have social events together. This list can be a great opportunity for clubs visiting the same area to join forces to rent some of the island properties together – e.g. the facilities at Isthmus.
  4. To open particular cruises up to other SCYA member clubs. This is a great opportunity to promote your club to members of other SCYA yacht clubs.

SCYA feels that this is a great opportunity for expanding interclub networking and fun! Please fill in the form for any part of your cruise calendar. Here you may highlight those cruises you might be willing to open up to other SCYA member clubs. Also please include contact information so we can personally contact you about details and restrictions on those cruises.

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