Silver Gate Yacht Club (SGYC)
2091 Shelter Island Drive
San Diego, California 92106
(619) 222-1214

Total: 400 members – 40% power, 60% sail.

Facilities: Bar open Wed.-Fri. evenings, Sat.- Sun all day. Dining room open for Wed. & Fri. dinner, Sat. breakfast and dinner, and Sun. breakfast and dinner. 147 member berths. Dry storage for members. Hoist. Guest docks available to Visitors from other clubs in accordance with reciprocal agreements.

Membership: Memberships Available
Regular Initiation Fees: Flag, $2500 / Junior Flag $1250 / Associate (non-boat owners) 625.

Monthly dues: Flag $155.00, Junior Flag $77.50, Associate $38.75.

Comments: Best view in San Diego!