SCYA Perpetual Awards, Service & Performance Awards


SCYA Perpetual Awards are given for service above and beyond the call of duty. They cover everything from selfless acts of kindness to sportsmanship on or off the water. These awards recognize individuals inside and outside the yachting community. Proper maintenance of these trophies rests with the recipients. Any damage to the perpetual trophy and subsequent repairs is the responsibility of the recipient.

There are two categories of Perpetual Awards: Service and Performance.


Nomination forms become available late summer and must be turned in by October 31st.

Monitor this page for the form or contact

The recent historical photos of past winners were lost with the new website integration. We will be working on restoring what we can. 2023 Winners will be posted soon.

Service Awards

Warren Ewert Memorial Trophy

The Warren Ewert Memorial Trophy is awarded in recognition for serving SCYA with distinction in the true Corinthian spirit.
The trophy is a brass sextant on a teakwood base and cost approximately $1,400.
The three current Commodores select the recipient.

George and Kay Fisher Memorial Trophy

The George and Kay Fisher Memorial Trophy is awarded to a couple who has rendered distinguished service to yachting in Southern California over a long period of time.
The trophy is a large silver bowl with two handles mounted on an 8″ X 8″ X 6″ wooden base.
The three current Commodores select the recipient.

 James M. (Jim) Webster Memorial Trophy

The James Webster Memorial Trophy is awarded in recognition of an outstanding contribution to yachting. The individual need not be actively engaged in sailing events or the winner of a number of races, nor a yacht owner, or be or have been a flag officer of a yacht club. The individual may be, among other things, a race committee member, a member of the press, or someone who has displayed exceptional sportsmanship, or someone not directly associated with yachting who has made an outstanding contribution to yachting.
The trophy is a clock and barometer mounted on a wooden base.
The incoming Commodore selects the recipient.

The Marine Order of the Golden Key Award

The Marine Order of the Golden Key Award is given to an Amateur Radio Operator. These “Hams” have provided for the safety, comfort and convenience of yachtsmen in the highest tradition of the Amateur Radio Service. The award is in recognition of outstanding service to yachting communications.
The trophy is a telegraph key mounted on a 12″ X 10″ X 8″ wooden base.
The honoree is selected by the Radio Communications Committee.


Honorary SCYA Commodores

The Honorary SCYA Commodore is selected by the incoming Commodore and announced at the January installation meeting. It is not necessary to select an honorary Commodore every year.


Performance Awards

Andy Gram Memorial Trophy

The Andy Gram Memorial Trophy is awarded to a member of a yacht club affiliated with SCYA who has distinguished himself or herself in Olympic yachting activities.
The recipient is selected by a committee appointed by the SCYA Board of Directors.
The trophy is a large silver bowl mounted on a 12″ X 12″ X 8″ wooden base.

SCYA Commodore’s Challenge Trophy

Racing for the SCYA Commodore’s Challenge Trophy is a junior event, similar to the Lipton Cup. It is usually sailed in September in one-design boats of not less than 12 feet overall length with a crew of two boys or girls who must be under 20 years of age as of December 31st of the race year. The defending club issues a challenge in May or June to all SCYA clubs. Historically, this regatta has been hosted by the Newport Harbor Yacht Club. The award is presented by SCYA at the conclusion of the regatta.

Peggy Slater Memorial Trophy

The Peggy Slater Memorial Trophy is awarded to a female who best demonstrates outstanding contributions to the enhancement of woman’s participation in sailing, or individual achievement in the sport of sailing. Peggy Slater was a very active world sailor. Her boat, Valentine, was at the heart of many of the races she won and or in which she was a participant.
The Peggy Slater Memorial Trophy was first awarded in 1991. It is an antique binnacle, originally a gift from Peggy Slater to her friend Joan Semper of Del Rey Yacht Club. After Peggy’s death, Joan donated the binnacle to SCYA for the creation of a trophy in Slater’s memory.
Nominations are submitted by SCYA member yacht clubs, sailing associations, and Harbor Associations.
The selection process is described in the Deed of Gift. The selection Committee shall meet at the call of the chairperson in late November or early December. The trophy is awarded as prescribed by the Board of Directors of SCYA.

Sportsmanship Trophy

The Sportsmanship Trophy is awarded in recognition of the display of outstanding sportsmanship on and off the water. It is not limited to sailing skippers and could include crew, support staff, judges, or other worthy individuals.
Nominations for this award should be submitted in writing to the Secretary of SCYA by Harbor Associations or any recognized organization if not part of a Harbor Association.
The Sportsmanship committee selects a recommended nominee and presents its recommendation to the SCYA Board of Directors for approval.

SCYA Transpac Trophy

The Transpac is a race held in odd numbered years from Los Angeles to Honolulu. The Transpac Trophy is awarded to the boat with the best corrected time sailing under an SCYA member yacht club burgee. It was first awarded in 1939. There is no Deed of Gift. However, in 1972, a document was established with the essentials of such a deed.
The trophy is a large silver plate with the western coastline of California, Baja California and the Hawaiian Islands. The grids on the “Chart” contain the names of the winners.
The recipient of the Transpac Trophy is selected by the SCYA Regatta Chair.

SCYA One-Design Awards

The One-Design Awards are awarded for performance and participation in one-design class racing in SCYA member club events.
The SCYA Fleet Captain must determine the winner of the award based on published results as of October 31st.

The One-Design Participation Trophy is awarded to the yacht club that hosts the largest one-design regatta. The “largest” one-design regatta is determined by taking the number of boats in a class and multiplying that number by the length of the boats. The regatta must be organized and hosted by a single SCYA member yacht club. It may include more than one class, but only the largest class as defined above will be considered.

The One-Design Performance Trophy is awarded to the skipper of the boat that wins the regatta described above.

Applications for the above awards must be submitted to the SCYA Fleet Captain by October 31st each year and must include a complete, readable set of results.

SCYA Multihull Perpetual Award – Alter Cup

The Multihull Perpetual Award is presented to the winner of the US Sailing Area J Alter Cup trials. The winning team represents Area J in the national US Sailing Multihull Championship for the “Alter Cup.”

Brock Trophy

The Brock Trophy is awarded to the winner of the SCYA Offshore Championship, a US Sailing Area J sail-off usually held in August.
If there is no sail-off, the trophy is not awarded. It is presently housed at Long Beach Yacht Club.
The winner of the sail-off represents Area J at the US Sailing National Offshore Championship.

E.E. Manning Series Trophies

The Series is raced annually at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club per agreement with SCYA. The event is open to sailboats not exceeding 20 feet overall length without a fixed keel and is usually raced in March.
Four trophies are awarded.

  • The E.E. MANNING CUP will be awarded in the winner of the class with the largest number of competitors.
  • The SKIMMER TROPHY will be awarded to the winner of the second largest class
  • The KOBER PERPETUAL TROPHY will e awarded to the winner of the Naples Sabot class.
  • The HOST CLUB TROPHY will be awarded at the discretion of thee race committee to the most deserving junior sailor.

Old Timers Perpetual Trophies

The Old Timers Trophies are awarded for club participation in “Old Timers Night.” One trophy is given to the club with the largest number of Staff Commodores present, and one to the club with the highest percentage of living Staff Commodores present. “Old Timers Night” is held at a general meeting selected by the Commodore.

SCYA Junior/Youth Team Race Championship for the Harold Adams Perpetual Trophy

Since 2001, the Harold Adams Team Race Classic has been a popular annual junior championship. Sailed out of San Diego Yacht Club for the past several years, the one-day event features three on three team racing in CFJ sailboats and is a great prelude to what many sailors will experience in collegiate competition. One fun aspect of the event is that it is not strictly a club vs. club or school vs. school competition, so many teams of friends from different organizations have found success over the years. The trophy will be presented by SCYA at the conclusion of the regatta.