San Diego Yacht Club (SDYC)
1011 Anchorage Lane
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 221-8400

Total: 2000 members – 40% power, 60% sail.

Facilities: Bar open daily 1000 to 2100. Dining room open daily 0730 to 2000. Snack bar open during summer/spring vacation. Pool. Tennis courts, jacuzzi. Member berths. Dry storage. 5000 lb. & 8000 lb. hoists. Sabot launch ramp. Guest docks.
Reciprocal amenities: Banquet Rooms, Showers, Sauna, Guest Docks, Sabot Launch Ramp and 6000 lb. Hoists. SDYC member only amenities: snack bar, pool, jacuzzi, tennis courts, gym, wet slips, and dry storage.

Membership: Accepting applications. 2 sponsors plus 6 references. Initiation: sliding scale based on age. None for juniors.

Monthly dues: $150/flag, $75Jr Flag, $23/ Juniors. $150 quarterly food and beverage minimum.

Junior program: Exceptionally strong year round program for members.