Recreational Boaters of California (RBOC) adopted its supporting position of SB 704, legislation that would place into law the collaboration between the Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) and the Conservation Corps, and the use of members of the Conservation Corps in implementing its water hyacinth control programs.

RBOC concurs with the collaboration fostering the objectives to keep Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta’s overall environmental health. The Delta is being threatened by water hyacinth, which obstructs waterways and marinas, consumes valuable water resources, creates human health and safety hazards, and damages natural ecosystems by crowding out native plants and wildlife.

DBW is the appropriate, lead agency for eradicating and controlling invasive aquatic plants, and has entered an agreement with the Conservation Corps to perform work in the Delta to help control water hyacinth. For each of these reasons, RBOC supports SB 704. SCYA stands in support of this position and will report on its progress.

RBOC is the nonprofit advocacy organization that works to protect and enhance the interests of the state’s recreational boaters before the legislative and executive branches of state and local government. RBOC has been promoting the enjoyment, protection, and responsible use of our waterways since 1968. Recreational boating is an $8.3 billion industry in California supporting 3,000 small businesses and 77,000 jobs. SCYA is an association of yacht clubs, boating clubs, marinas and harbor associations and serves the boating community through communication, coordination, celebration and education. SCYA is a non-profit service organization and takes an active role in the RBOC organization.

SCYA and RBOC Supports SB 704 DBW Collaboration