On Thursday April 30

Boating Government Affairs Town Hall Web Conference

Sign up today to participate in the first and free RBOC and BoatUS virtual Government Affairs Town Hall Web Conference.

Thursday, April 30 at 11:00 AM – for Northern Boaters

Thursday, April 30 at 1:00 PM – for Southern Boaters

This forum will provide an opportunity for PICYA and SCYA Club leaders and individual boaters to receive updates on and discuss the key public policy issues being debated in California and what RBOC and BoatUS are advocating to protect your interests. To sign up, click here - www.rboc.org/townhall

Key issues will include:

  • Where your boat fuel tax dollars are going
  • Proposals to dramatically increase state boat registration fees
  • Potential elimination of the state programs financing boating infrastructure including marinas and launch ramps
  • Legislation to establish “fix-it” tickets for violations of certain boat operation requirements
  • Prohibitions on recreational boating in areas of the state in response to the COVID19 pandemic
  • Expansion of the regulatory requirements imposed on for-hire vessels
  • Legislation to impose state mandates and limitations on the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission [BCDC]
  • Legislation to establish a 365-day state fishing license


RBOC announces free seminar