Recreational Boaters of CA

RBOC is opposing the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s proposed restoration of Franks Tract in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta as the project would negatively and permanently harm present and future boating opportunities in this prime area of the Delta.

The following key impacts are of great concern to recreational boaters:

  • Access to False River and the San Joaquin River to the East would be permanently blocked.   This access would no longer be a thoroughfare for boaters traveling from San Francisco, Pittsburg and Benicia to recreate in the Delta. Boaters would be forced to navigate all the way around - adding up to an hour to their cruising time and fuel consumption.
  • The project would result in the loss of marinas and marine-related businesses. The plan would block off and severely impact the marinas, launch ramps, marine-related businesses and restaurants that serve the boating public in the Delta – with a tremendous, negative economic impact on this region.
  • The project would harm striped bass and black bass fishing, which are a core component of the Delta recreation with 150 tournaments held in the area each year. This would occur as additional water is diverted for the purpose of eradicating invasive species and helping endangered smelt.
  • The project would eliminate an important State Recreational Area that provides the stimulus for recreational and economic activity for the region.


RBOC’s opposition to this project is consistent with the organization’s August 21 testimony before the State Water Resources Control Board in support of the proposed resolution amending the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary Water Quality Control Plan [Bay-Delta Plan] and adopting the final Substitute Environmental Document [SED] for Lower San Joaquin River and Southern Delta.

The proposed plan amendments would revise two elements of the Bay-Delta Plan: lowering San Joaquin River flow objectives for the protection of fish and wildlife; and adjusting the salinity requirements to a slightly higher level to reflect updated scientific knowledge of Southern Delta salt levels that reasonably protect agriculture


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RBOC Opposing Franks Tract Restoration in the Delta