RBOC has filed formal comments expressing concerns with the negative impact that the East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration project would have on recreational boating.nnThe project is the Draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement / Environmental Impact Report pertaining to the East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study of the City of Long Beach.nnRBOC acknowledges and appreciates the objectives of this project to restore 18 square miles of the East San Pedro Bay from approximately the Port of Long Beach to Alamitos Bay in a manner that restores aquatic ecosystems in a marine environment, and that increases abundance and biodiversity of marine populations in East San Pedro Bay.nRBOC is concerned that elements in this project, which include additional rock habitat structure that would support kelp, eelgrass and other sensitive species or habitat types, would have a significant, negative impact on boating.nnSpecifically, and as clearly shown in the study materials, the project would place kelp beds in areas that are very popular for boaters throughout the region. These routes provide for safe navigation and have been extensively utilized for several decades. This will only increase in the future as key boating events are planned in this area that will provide both recreational opportunities and economic benefits for the region.nRBOC has therefore requested that:n• The RBOC organization be included as a stakeholder in any process going forward.n• The Tentatively Selected Plan (Alternative 4A) be revised to ensure that the negative impacts on recreational boating are eliminated as the project moves forward. The provisions are set forth on page 367, Lines 18-21.nnRBOC has submitted comments to the Los Angeles District of the US Army Corps of Engineers.nnFor the RBOC comment letter including specific excerpts from the study that are of concern: click here