The next General Meeting and Annual Election will be held November 3rd at South Shore Yacht Club
1099 Bayside Drive, Newport Beach, CA, 92660

This is the annual election meeting where your has a chance to vote on the new officers and directors. Please in sure that your club is represented so we will have a quorum. The meeting will start at noon. Please register on  line by CLICKING HERE.

The guest speaker will be David Veeneman

A sailor, boat owner, and student of nautical history, David grew up in Louisville, KY, where he became fascinated with boating on the Ohio River. Unfortunately, there isn't much sailing on the Ohio and David's on the water experiences were limited to sneaking out parents' ski boats and house boats with his friends. whenever the opportunity arose. Nonetheless, David maintained an interest in boating throughout a career in law and finance that took him  to NY and Chicago. He sailed when he could, on Long Island Sounds and Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, a busy career did not leave much time for sailing, but it did afford lots of opportunity for reading on airplanes. David developed an interest in maritime history and did far more reading than actual sailing. David is the author of two books that bring his irreverent sense of humor to the subject of personal finance and he does occasional public speaking on the history of the sea. He sails his boat, Adelante, in the water off Southern California.

You all know the story of Mutiny of the Bounty, right? Well, as the old song goes, it ain't necessarily so. Our guest speaker will separate fact from fiction on this seminal chapter of naval history, and you may be surprised to learn what's true and what isn't.
David is a long time public speaker and a maritime history buff who is known for his irreverent approach to history. This presentation promises a lot of laughs and you just might be amazed at the true story of what happened on the the Bounty.

November General Meeting