Enjoy a Classical, Celtic, romantic, folkloric performance at the upcoming
SCYA Saint Patrick’s Day Brunch and General Meeting
Sunday, March 17, 2019, at Silver Gate Yacht Club
$40 per person (NO Blazers! Wear GREEN!) RSVP scya.org
9:30 a.m. Board Meeting    11:00 a.m. Brunch

Dorothy Barth, is a classically trained violinist and recording artist. She performs throughout Southern California, and earned her music degree from Stamford University. Early teachers include Karel Blass; Alice Schoenfeld; Kenneth Fiske; and Kenneth Goldsmith. Look for her recordings under the record label “Kammeraderie”
Barth plays a variety of genres, but her repertory for the SCYA’s Saint Patrick’s Day Brunch Meeting includes Irish, Scottish, and Welsh selections as well as English Country Dances. She also performs enchanting slow airs in the Irish unaccompanied tradition on either violin or recorder. Husband, Bert, also a musician, adds coloratura to her performances. Enjoy!

March Board & General Meeting