U.S. Adult Sailing Championship
for the Clifford D. Mallory Trophy

Macatawa Bay Yacht Club
Macatawa, MI

October 4 – 8, 2023

Class:   VX One

SCYA is soliciting resumes for a team to represent SCYA at the 2023 U.S. Adult Sailing Championship.

Last year, SCYA chose the winner of the Long Beach Race Week Viper 640 class as our representative, as the Championship was sailed on that boat.  The VX One is not actively raced in the SCYA area, so our Board has decided to select our representing team by resume.

Selection Process
Resumes will be judged consistent with the US Sailing criteria for selection:

  • 50% Sailor Criteria – How many major events have they competed in the past three years; the number of races in these events, the number of attendants
  • 25% – Class Criteria – size, diversity, depth, and activity of class they consistently sail in nationally
  • 12.5% – sailors under 30 make up 25% of the team
  • 12.5% – female sailors make up at least 25% of the team
  • Bonus: Additional 10% if a female is a helm

Submit your resume by Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Please submit your resume directly to:
Lee Coller – SCYA Rear Commodore
email: rearcommodore@scya.org

For further assistance, contact:
Mark Hansen – SCYA Delegate to US Sailing
phone: 310-601-0710  email: markLhansen@aol.com


Event Page:  https://www.ussailing.org/competition/championships/2023-u-s-adult-sailing-championship/
Race NOR: https://www.ussailing.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/2023-Mallory-NOR-FinalUSSA-1.pdf

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