Ahoy SCYA Members. I hope that the first half of 2016 has been treating you well. We have been undergoing a number of changes here at SCYA, all of which I feel will benefit our Member Clubs.

We share in your frustration over the website which is now functional and soon to be what you have come to expect. I think you can all appreciate the trials and tribulations the web can cause from time to time, but it will all be sorted soon.

Opening Days are coming to a close and as your Commodore I have to commend all of our Clubs on their history, traditions and nuances. A number of you celebrated big milestones this year including, but not exclusive to, Newport Harbor celebrating 100 years, Jonathan Yacht Club celebrating 70 years and of course SCYA at 95 years. I am proud of all of our Clubs for upholding the traditions we hold dear.

So here we find ourselves heading into the cruising season. I invite all of you to participate, have fun and of course be safe.

My Commodore’s Cruise is October 28th -30th to Avalon (CIYC) and I would like to personally extend an invitation to all SCYA Club Commodores or their representative to join me; a guarantee great time will be had by all!

In other business, the next general membership meeting will be June 4th at Silver Gate Yacht Club. I hope to see you all there.

Until next time.
At Ease,
Commodore Shawn Milligan

Commodore’s May 2016 Address to Members