It is with sincere regret that the American Legion Yacht Club (ALYC) announces postponement of our planned Opening Day Ceremonies on Sunday, May 5th. Many of you may know we’ve been in an ongoing dispute with our partner of nearly 53 years, American Legion Post 291, which renders our regular venue unavailable.

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to secure a suitable alternate location. ALYC has a long and hard-earned reputation as being among the
can’t-miss Opening Day Ceremonies, so I am sure you are as disappointed as our members surely are.

Our situation started with a few rogue members of an out-of-control board of directors at Post 291. Fortunately, there is an election on May 8th, and ALYC is backing a slate of candidates running for elected office at Post 291 that has promised to end the divisiveness. We are optimistic for their chance of success and are hopeful that our long-term relationship can be reestablished as a result of their victory. When this new slate wins, we will plan a Grand "Re-Opening of ALYC" and host it properly on the grounds of Post 291 as we have done for the prior 52 years.

We look forward to all of you helping us celebrate!

Bruce Batcheller
2019 Commodore
American Legion Yacht Club

ALYC opening day is Postponed