Marina Yacht Club of Long Beach (MYCLB)

Marina Yacht Club of Long Beach (MYCLB)
(714) 891-0767

Total: 30 members, 56% Power, 44% Sail

Facilities: None

Membership: restricted to 50 family memberships. New members always welcome, by invitation. Prospective members must have a boat and one sponsor. Initiation $50, Annual dues $150.

Comments: We are a family cruising club with emphasis on safe boating and congenial camaraderie. WE have ten cruises each year, held from March through November and monthly dinner get togethers during the off-season. The cruise events are centered on local harbors with a long cruise held each year going to destinations ranging from San Diego to the Channel Islands. The club membership is very active, with cruising events and dinners typically drawing 50% of the members.